Plenary Talks
Plenary session will be held in the Conference Hall (Tower Building 6F) on Monday, 29 October.
The following papers are invited as the plenary talks.

A1-- Y. Koike, Keio Univ.
"Microoptics and Photonics Polymer"

A2-- J. E. Bowers, UC Santa Barbara
"Large Scale Microoptic Switching"

A3-- H. Thienpont, Vrije Univ. Brussel
"Low-Cost Micro-Optical Components for Printed Circuit Board- and Chip-Level Photonic Interconnects"

Invited Talks
K5-- A. Braeuer, Fraunhofer IOF
"Microoptical Solutions for Imaging and Displays"

L4-- B. L.-Davies, Australian National Univ.
"Chalcogenide Planar Devices for Signal Regenerators"

B4-- M. R. Feldman, Tessera Tech., Inc
"Wafer level Optics for Miniature Fixed Focus Cameras"

L1-- R. King, M. Grabherr, et al. Philips Photonics
"VCSEL - Wide Range of Applications"

J1-- H. C. Kuo, T. C. Lu, S. C. Wang, et al. National Chiao-Tung Univ.
"MOCVD Growth and Nanofabrication of GaN Based Micro-Cavity Devices"

B1-- P. Laakkonen, Univ. Joensuu
"Resonance-Domain and Subwavelength Diffractive Optic"

G1-- N. C. Park, Yonsei Univ.
"Near-Field Recording Technology Using SIL"

D1-- J. H. Shin, KAIST
"Si Photonicsh (Tentative)

C1-- J.J.G. M van der Tol, M. K. SmitCOBRA TU/e
"Polarization Control and its Application to Waveguide Devices"

F1-- M. Wu, UC Berkeley
"Nano Photonics MEMS for Innovative Devices"